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Re: how to be a rude bastard? emulate brandon robinson. (was Re: Lets speak about freeness, ...)

(I've quoted nothing so as to remain [hopefully] non-guilty)

Damn, we really enjoy shooting our own (and other's) feet, don't we?
Cas, I really think you've lost it. Branden, do you have to be so
pigheaded so as to piss off others with your personal demands? We are a
fucking _team_. We are supposed to work together for the common good and
advancemeny of Debian. Why must we argue about (imo) such trivial
matters like quoting ettiquette?

There is nothing in the Debian Constitution about quoting on mailing
lists. There is nothing in either the US or Australian constitution that
specifically affects electronic mailing lists. I doubt that there are
any federal laws in either country pertaining to this. Anything else
_should_ be considered insignificant.

I feel helpless in that I personally can do nothing to resolve this
conflict. If people want to continually piss on others, let them do
so. But please not on Debian's mailing lists.




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