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Re: Negative Summary of the Split Proposal

Previously Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> The Proposal is Counter to the Social Contract
> ~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

If you read the social contract you'll see that the very first point is
`Debian Will Remain 100% Free Software'. In my opinion that means that
adding a slight inconvenience (especially now that we have tools like
dpkg-http and apt) is a minor price to pay for the benefits we will get.

>  The proposal may violate the spirit of section 5 of the Social Contract
>  <http://www.debian.org/social_contract> which says that non-free and 
>  contrib are not a part of The Debian Distribution but that Debian will use 
>  its resources to support them as a service to its users.

I don't see where we would violate this section. We will still have an
archive with non-free and contrib and we will still use our normal
resources for them. They will be in a seperate location though.

> It is Only the Start..
> ~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~

I already answered this in a response to a post from Joseph Carter.

> Too Specific
> ~~~ ~~~~~~~~
>  The proposal does not set any sort of general rule but addresses a single
>  problem with a single site. Even after voting the question will still
>  remain if anything should be done with non-us, the web site and other
>  places the contain references that may confuse users about the separation
>  that exists.

I realized too late that non-US should have been included in the
proposal. I intend to send an ammendment this week to fix that. For
web-sites, documentation, etc. I don't feel currently that removing
references to non-free and contrib is the way to go. Hiding those does
not help us. Making the distinction clearer does.

> Cost
> ~~~~

I'm aware of the costs involved. I'm also confident that we'll find a
way to get the proper resources.

The biggest problem I foresee currently is simply manpower.

>  Ultimately for this point it is a personal matter of when the cost exceeds
>  the value.



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