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Re: Ad hoc and spontaneous voting

On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 02:34:24AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> FWIW, I'm also a little troubled by the plethora of votes. I quite
So have I.  Some of these I can see the need, such as the non-free vote
that's coming up.  But I thought something like the logo swap could have
been settled through dicussion *if* somebody had the authority... 

[As an aside: but who?  Who is the person who can stand up, at the end of
the discussion, and say "Ok, we [will|won't] swap the logos"?  but that's
another topic]

One posibility is to increase the number of sponsors needed to a level where
the proposer would have to activly try to get sponsors.  It's pretty easy
to get 5 sponsors but (maybe) not 10... so he'd get 5-7 automatic sponsors
and then would have to find the remaining by asking people, "If think we
should vote on this, please go sponsor..."

> Maybe it would be helpful if the vote pages included one or more
> rationales for each option on the vote page, rather than leaving them
> hidden in the list archives. For example, some of the comments Jason
> Gunthorpe made in the non-free thread (in particular related to the
> possibility of non-free being "orphaned" by the ftp maintainers) should
> be available on the website to contrast Wichert's appraisal of the
> situation.
As secretary, I would love that.  The web team will need volunteers to
write those posistion statements, however.  During the Leader Elections, I
tried to get platform statments that could be put up on vote.debian.org and
it wasn't easy.

> It does seem really stupid to be passing a general resolution of the
> entire developer corps just to swap two piccies. It'd be nice if, in
> future, these things could be thought about in advance enough so we only
> need to vote once on these issues. :-/
[Back to the aside: It might be an idea to set up maintainers for some of
these non-package items.  If someone, say Adam Heath for example, were made
the maintainer of the logo, he could be responsible for collecting opinion
and guiding discussion on the swap and asking for a vote if it seemed

> On the upside, I think Darren's been running these pretty well --- I'm
> not sure about everyone else, but I fully expected votes to get lost, or
> miscounted, or *something* for the first few votes. A few spelling mistakes
> is pretty gee-darn good if you ask me.
Thank you :)  And I've started to use ispell, atleast :)

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