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Re: Ad hoc and spontaneous voting

On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 08:59:38AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         I am wondering what value do these suddenly burgeoning votes
>  have?

FWIW, I'm also a little troubled by the plethora of votes. I quite
like that Debian generally just lets the people who are interested and
motivated do their stuff, and doesn't let pointless procedures and paper
shuffling and pedantic argument get in the way of making a good system.
Or tries to, or used to, or whatever.

Instead it seems that at the moment we're having a vote for every trivial
thing we can think of, which wastes two weeks for no good reason --- if
there *was* a good reason, that is conflicting opinions, then resolving
that by discussion as much as possible, and seeing what transpires is
proper. Saying "I want this." "I don't" "Yeah?" "Yeah." "Let's vote." just
isn't all that enlightening.

Maybe it would be helpful if the vote pages included one or more
rationales for each option on the vote page, rather than leaving them
hidden in the list archives. For example, some of the comments Jason
Gunthorpe made in the non-free thread (in particular related to the
possibility of non-free being "orphaned" by the ftp maintainers) should
be available on the website to contrast Wichert's appraisal of the

It does seem really stupid to be passing a general resolution of the
entire developer corps just to swap two piccies. It'd be nice if, in
future, these things could be thought about in advance enough so we only
need to vote once on these issues. :-/

On the upside, I think Darren's been running these pretty well --- I'm
not sure about everyone else, but I fully expected votes to get lost, or
miscounted, or *something* for the first few votes. A few spelling mistakes
is pretty gee-darn good if you ask me.


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