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Re: Ad hoc and spontaneous voting

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, Darren O. Benham wrote:

> One posibility is to increase the number of sponsors needed to a level where
> the proposer would have to activly try to get sponsors.  It's pretty easy
> to get 5 sponsors but (maybe) not 10... so he'd get 5-7 automatic sponsors
> and then would have to find the remaining by asking people, "If think we
> should vote on this, please go sponsor..."

I sorta like this, I've noticed that on -policy the instant someone
proposes something it gets 3-4 seconds just because some people would like
to see it even though it may not be a really good idea, or isn't properly
discussed before hand or whatever.
> As secretary, I would love that.  The web team will need volunteers to
> write those posistion statements, however.  During the Leader Elections, I
> tried to get platform statments that could be put up on vote.debian.org and
> it wasn't easy.

Well, this is also a bit problematic - our current system does have a bit
of a flaw, the presenter of the vote obvoisly gets to set the ballot and
the proposal text - so they get to print a happy picture. As AJ noted this
isn't very good. But if you allow anyone to include their paranoid
ramblings in the proposal then that isn't any better..

I'd just suggest that Darren should get to select the content to appear on
the web site and the proposals and what we vote on so that it is of a good
quality, truthfull and meaningfull.

I might try to form some sort of statement that is counter to Wichert's
for the vote pages, but I'm not much of a wordsmith.


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