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Re: Propose exim4 for debian-volatile (Was: exim4_4.50-8sarge1)

* Martin Zobel-Helas [Sun, 05 Mar 2006 16:53:05 +0100]:

Hi Martin,

> On Sunday, 05 Mar 2006, aba wrote:
> > The plan is to make s-p-u such a place, but until it happens, I think
> > volatile can have such packages as an exception, if the bug is severe
> > enough.

> sorry, but i disagree with you on that. For me volatile is handling
> packages with volatile data, not for handling packages the stable
> release manager denys to take into a stable release.

  I think there was a small thinko here (not that it'll change your
  mind, that's ok, so just noting it): the issue is that packages
  accepted by the SRMs are not available for users _in a location that
  is safe for them to put in their sources.list_, which s-p-u is not
  (since it can contain !accepted-by-SRM packages). So they have to wait
  until the next point release is actually released.

  Nice to hear that there are planes to make s-p-u such location,


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