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Re: Propose exim4 for debian-volatile (Was: exim4_4.50-8sarge1)

* Andreas Barth [Sun, 05 Mar 2006 14:16:50 +0100]:

> Well, if s-p-u would *only* contained approved packages for the next
> point release, I would agree with you. However, s-p-u contains any kind
> of packages right now.

  Right, I've always thought it'd be useful to have a place to make
  _accepted_ s-p-u uploads available (read: those that'll be in the next
  stable point release fore sure). Currently s-p-u is not that place,
  nor is debian-volatile as per its definition, but _maybe_ the exim4
  issue is important enough as to make the volatile archive admins
  consider an exception.


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