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Re: Logging off an X session closes all ssh -X connections started previously from outside X

On 05/05/2023 18:58, zithro wrote:
# loginctl list-sessions
     111 1000 zithro
     112 1000 zithro
     141 1000 zithro        pts/0

I do not see anything suspicious. I suppose, dbus-user-session hypothesis by David may be more productive. Perhaps you may prevent killing of applications using "dbus-launch PROGRAM" from ssh sessions, but you may need to kill extra D-Bus daemon when the PROGRAM is finished. And be prepared that applications may be not ready to multiple sessions for the same user.

Frankly speaking, I expected that dbus-user-session should keep daemon running till at least one session is alive. It is surprise that logoff from desktop session kills d-bus despite other connections.

Does it happen for newly created user with no customization?

Never tried !

I recommended to do it just for a case that you added something to init files for the "zithro" user.

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