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Re: thunderbird missing arrows for scrolling through list of email messages

On 05 May 2023 12:20, dmacdoug wrote:
Well, it appears to me that all Mozilla products have the same problem and
for Firefox there is a theme add on named "Custom Scollbars" made by Wesley
Branton which allows to change the color of the scrollbar and to make
limited changes to the width but does not restore the arrows.  He has been
asked about it and says that it is not possible to do more without changes
by the developers.

IIRC, it is a problem since the GTK2/GTK3 fix.
If many users pile on a bug report maybe the devs would move ...

This theme is not available for either Thunderbird or Filezilla and I can't
find any theme for either of those which does anything similar.

Filezilla can use mozilla themes ?

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