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Re: thunderbird missing arrows for scrolling through list of email messages

On 04 May 2023 22:10, Dan Ritter wrote:
zithro wrote:
On 04 May 2023 21:38, Dan Ritter wrote:
It's not hidden, it's part of the theme. You can install and
change themes -- look for packages with the keyword gtk theme,
and in XFCE's settings manager, it's under appearance/style.

Well, I'm currently using "Greybird-dark" (so not the default).
But it seems there's no GUI to alter the theme itself.

I looked in Appearance, Window Manager/Style, Window Manager/Advanced,
Window Manager/Tweaks and even in the Settings Editor (read almost all
keys/values), and found nowhere a possibility to alter the arrows.
Maybe I overlooked something ?

It's under Appearance as "Style" for me.


Same, but I personaly find "Window Manager/Style" better, as it allows changing a few settings.

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