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Re: thunderbird missing arrows for scrolling through list of email messages

On 04 May 2023 21:38, Dan Ritter wrote:
zithro wrote:
On 28 Apr 2023 00:58, dmacdoug wrote:
On Tue, Apr 25, 2023 at 02:46:38PM +0000, charlie derr wrote:
A number of years ago, the little arrows at the top and bottom of the
scrollbar to the right of my "message list" view in thunderbird (I'm
currently using debian stable) disappeared.

Or is it a desktop skin problem ?

On XFCE too, there are no more "lil arrows" anywhere, just the bars.
Nothing in settings, even the manual ones. But maybe if you ask on the XFCE
forum, there is a hidden value to create ?

It's not hidden, it's part of the theme. You can install and
change themes -- look for packages with the keyword gtk theme,
and in XFCE's settings manager, it's under appearance/style.


Well, I'm currently using "Greybird-dark" (so not the default).
But it seems there's no GUI to alter the theme itself.

I looked in Appearance, Window Manager/Style, Window Manager/Advanced, Window Manager/Tweaks and even in the Settings Editor (read almost all keys/values), and found nowhere a possibility to alter the arrows.
Maybe I overlooked something ?

Also, if I remember correctly from previous searches, some settings are only available via "xfconf-query" (like deprecated or new ones).

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