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Re: thunderbird missing arrows for scrolling through list of email messages

On 04 May 2023 22:11, Dan Ritter wrote:
zithro wrote:

Well, I'm currently using "Greybird-dark" (so not the default).
But it seems there's no GUI to alter the theme itself.

Right, you have to select a different theme.

Or write your own.


Well, I just tried half of the stock themes, and some themes show the arrows, some don't, but ... it depends on the applications !

As the OP reported, neither Thunderbird nor Firefox display the arrows, whereas editors, xterm or file managers do ...

So I guess the problem is REALLY in the Mozilla apps.
I opened about:config in Firefox (didn't find it in TB), typed "scrollbar" and played with some settings. "widget.non-native-theme.gtk.scrollbar.allow-buttons" seemed promising, but has no effect, even with skins displaying the arrows in other apps.

From what I read it's a problem with GTK2/3.

PS: no I won't write a theme ^^
But I may check how to edit one. You know how ?

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