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Re: Wireshark does not show physical interfaces for capture

davenull@tuxfamily.org wrote:

> > 
> > I have a vague memory of having to do
> >   sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common
> > a few years ago before I was able to capture packets without using sudo
> Good memory, actually. The full steps are
> $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common # [1]
> Should non-superusers be able to capture packets => Yes

This interactive step is performed by "apt install wireshark" actually.

> $ sudo usermod -a -G wireshark $USER # [1]
> $ newgrp wireshark

I even did a full logout/login from Mate to make sure my user picks up
the new group.

> $ groups # The output should now include "wireshark" group name

Turns out these steps are not sufficient now.

I wonder if Wireshark uses `dumpcap -D` internally to show the list of
interfaces? I can do this now from my user account:

$ dumpcap -D
1. enp3s0
2. any
3. lo (Loopback)
4. bluetooth-monitor
5. nflog
6. nfqueue
7. dbus-system
8. dbus-session

but still cannot see those interfaces in the Wireshark GUI.

Victor Sudakov VAS4-RIPE

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