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Re: libvirt tools and keyfiles

On Sat, 02 Apr 2022 09:53:18 +0200
didier gaumet <didier.gaumet@gmail.com> wrote:


> - double authentication: "When using a SSH tunnel to connect to a SPICE
> console, it's recommended to have ssh-agent running to avoid getting
> multiple authentication prompts."
> (take a look at virtsh, virt-manager, virt-viewer manpages)

Thank you - this works! Specifically, starting an agent on the client
machine, and then running virt-manager under the agent avoids the
second prompt.

I still think that the failure of virt-manager to use the provided
keyfile for the console access should count as a bug: after all, if
I've provided a keyfile, the location of which virt-manager has stored
in its configuration, then why isn't it using it for console access? I
understand that I can get around this by using an agent, but why should
I have to?


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