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Re: Strange email behaviour................

On Tuesday, July 20, 2021 08:07:22 AM Charlie wrote:
> Nothing happened when I ran the "filter all messages in folder" or when
> I ran filter "filter selected messages". So then selected, highlighted,
> the message and used the "move" command in Claws Mail, and selected the
> folder the message was to go to.
> It just vanished. Attempted to find the message in every directory
> including Trash, but it is nowhere to be found, assume forever gone.
> Can a macro or some such thing; be placed/hidden, in an email message
> to delete it the minute an attempt is made to move it?

From the peanut gallery, my first suspicion would be that you've somehow 
specified the directory to move it to incorrectly.

It would be helpful to post the macro here, or if it is long, at least the 
parts relevant to moving that email to the directory you specified.

To answer your question, yes, a macro could be written (at least in some 
languages -- I don't use Claws mail so not sure about that) that could delete 
the email, although I would suspect it would end up in a trash folder in which 
you could find it.

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