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Wiki Debian "Release page" should have template (Was Re: Buster no release file)

On 7/11/21 6:44 AM, Greg Wooledge wrote:
I was going to link you to the DebianBuster wiki page where I had put
the standard sources.list for buster, but it appears someone doesn't
want you to have that information.


You can thank the person who goes by the name PaulWise for making your
Debian wiki a less informative and less useful place.

I *REALLY* and truly hate assholes like that.

I don't agree calling someone asshole but I agree with Greg in-term of sometimes someone make Debian Wiki less informative and less useful.

This is great example, this is what I see what happening on the time line..

Timeline 1: Greg put useful information https://wiki.debian.org/DebianBuster?action=diff&rev1=21&rev2=22

Timeline 2: PaulWise revert the changes as he comment is as unnecessary changes https://wiki.debian.org/DebianBuster?action=diff&rev1=21&rev2=23

On timeline 1 and 2, The class issue are Greg added useful information and PaulWise remove it / revert it (to me it likely want to tidy up and make it uniform like others "Debian Release" pages)

Both have own perspective and good attention.

Wiki are great in term of collective information but quite really-ugly on deciding which "information" should be put here and which should not.. worst, there is no template to follow as far I check. Plus, I can't found how to create template on Debian Wiki.

So.. Greg and Paul have clash on something important here. (Too be honest, I wish Debian move to Wiki with pull-request approval type rather just who-ever have Wiki approved account can do change)

The best solution and improvement are to send report to bug list as wishlist's to have a standard template for this "Debian Release" pages and this template should have standard sources.list or a link to https://wiki.debian.org/SourcesList (this wiki page also need improvement, IMHO)

I send out this email first. So I can have a link to attach on my report bug later. Will replying this thread later with report bugs number, I hope this will be useful to prevent issue like this.

Thanks to Greg and Paul for great contribution on Debian Wiki.

p/s: Wiki Debian "Release page" == https://wiki.debian.org/Debian<ADD_RELEASE_NAME_HERE>

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