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Re: Buster no release file

On Sun, Jul 11, 2021 at 10:18:37AM +0100, mick crane wrote:
> On 2021-07-10 23:44, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> > I *REALLY* and truly hate assholes like that.
> control freaks are the biggest problem facing society today.
> mick
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> Key ID    4BFEBB31


Rather than call people assholes and control freaks: please look at the local
context. Bullseye - Debian 11 - is potentially to be released in three weeks.

There's an amount of wiki gardening going on to tidy up, get translations
sorted, update pages.  When Bullseye comes along, Buster drops to oldstable 
and another year or so of support, Stretch drops to oldoldstable and support 
by the LTS team and so it goes. The wiki is always in flux, some of it out 
of date, much of it needing revision: if you wanted, you could get an account 

Elsewhere in the Debin wiki - under SourcesList - which is a logical place,
maybe, https://wiki.debian.org/SourcesList i a complete sources list for 
buster which also explains clearly how to add contrib and non-free if you
need them. I'm guessing that will be replaced in due course for one for
Bullseye. NOTE WELL: There is a change in format for the security sources
in Bullseye which is well covered in the draft release notes and elsewhere.

Respect goes all around - easily upwards to some people who have been around 
longer/may know more/ are helpful/give good advice, are friendly, downwards 
to people who may know less than you/whom you can help and sideways to your 
peers. At any given time, each of you occupies one or more of those positions 
for the others around you on this list and inside/outside Debian.

Try to be maybe a bit more thoughtful as to the effect such posts have?

All the very best, as ever,

Andy Cater

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