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Re: Mail Reader (updated)

On Jo, 08 iul 21, 04:17:25, Polyna-Maude Racicot-Summerside wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2021-07-07 11:41 p.m., Polyna-Maude Racicot-Summerside wrote:
> > Hi guys (and possibly girls),
> > 
> > I am currently using Thunderbird as a mail reader.
> > It did a good job until now.
> > I am also using the PGP plugin.
> > 
> > But I am feeling the limits, it also gets somewhat pretty slow (even
> > with a powerful enough computer) if I need for example delete 100
> > messages on my mailing list inbox.
> > 
> > I was planning at first to create different folder and copy messages to
> > each of them, so I have a local archive of my conversation on the Debian
> > mailing list.
> > 
> > But I've changed my mind as Thunderbird is somewhat slow.
> > 
> > What would any of you suggest as a mail reading software ?
> > I could use claws-mail
> > I could use other mail client
> > I could also install a web based mail client on another server and
> > possibly create some local folders (don't know if this is possible).
> > I get my mail for a IMAP server and use SMTP for sending, so this is
> > pretty much a standard installation.
> > 
> I'd like the following :
> 1. It can be TUI or GUI but if it's TUI then I'll need both.

As already stated, (neo)mutt is surprisingly flexible and I'm saying 
this as someone who's first contact with e-mail was through GUI clients. 

Unless you rely on some very specific GUI-only functionality (e.g. 
drag-and-drop attachments between applications or something like that) 
you might find out that (neo)mutt can fulfill most (if not all) of your 

> 2. It need to support PGP.
> 3. It would be nice to have some scripting possibility or exhaustive
> sorting.
> 4. Would be nice to have a good control over my SPAM rules, that I'd
> control it's interaction with SpamAssassin or the other tools available.
> 5. Would need to have it speedy.
> 6. Need to be possible to easily backup and restore my email without
> syncing with the server. That is, I could make a backup and restore with
> rsync or something similar.
> 7. If there's no calendar option (as a good software only does one
> thing) then I'd like some suggestion regarding what type of calendar
> software has a Google Calendar connector.
> 8. Could also be a solution that I build with Roundcubemail another
> server that I have free at home. I was thinking about the data center
> one but I step back because it will have some delay and won't be
> available offline.
> 9. Got mutt as suggestion, is this the most exhaustive (or configurable
> thru different outside tools and software) TUI based mail client ?
With appropriate configuration (neo)mutt can do all of the above mail 
handling and more (don't know about the calendar, though I wouldn't be 
surprised if it could somehow deal with that as well).

> 10. My email account on my IMAP server are not related to the local user
> account on the computer I use in any way. So a software used for sending
> mail as "unix mail" is not the case. But maybe I could learn how to make
> such setup and this would be good learning !

Mind the difference between SMTP and IMAP because you seem to conflate 
the two.

If sending mail is slow and/or unreliable (slow SMTP server, unreliable 
internet connection, etc.) it can be helpful to use a local MTA to 
forward messages to your provider's SMTP server.

There are lots of choices here, depending on your needs. If going this 
route I'd choose something that can also receive messages from cron, 
etc., so dma at a minimum (opensmtpd is my current preference, postfix 
and exim are overkill in most cases).
> Outside question...
> Is it possible to use a MTA on my computer that will follow the mail to
> my shared hosting IMAP server ? Probably ?

If I'm reading your question correctly you mean a local IMAP server that 
is synchronized to the one from your provider (two-way synchronization). 

This is a quite complex setup and I would recommend avoiding it unless 
you have a very specific need for a local IMAP server (if so please 
provide more details). A local IMAP server is not necessary if all you 
need is a local copy/archive/whatever of the mails on the provider's 
IMAP server.

Kind regards,

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