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Re: Mail Reader

On Thu, Jul 08, 2021 at 11:39:42AM +0300, Andrei POPESCU wrote:


> Any folder with more than a few hundred messages should probably be 
> converted to Maildir, unless it's used as an archive and rarely (if 
> ever) changed. (neo)mutt can deal with different formats per folder.

Not my experience. As I said, my main mail folder is roughly 38k
messages (corresponding to 1.1G) and mutt deals extremely well
with that. Moving/deleting messages (which I do regularly) rarely
takes more than a couple of seconds, even searching through all
the mail bodies for a regexp is reasonable (tens of secs). And
this on a machine which ain't a beast: a virtual slice with 1G
RAM reporting one (virtual) proc at 6385.49 bogomips.

Not talking against maildir (I'd like to avoid /that/ flame war ;)
just saying that mutt copes excellently with big mboxes.

 - t

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