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Re: Mail Reader

On Jo, 08 iul 21, 04:09:48, Polyna-Maude Racicot-Summerside wrote:
> On Jo, 08 iul 21, 09:24:32, didier gaumet wrote:
> > By default Thunderbird manages an mbox file for each folder you
> > creates, which contains all the messages of the folder. So potentially
> > these mbox files can be big and their processing can be slow. 
> > 
> > There are others forms of messages storage which create a file per
> > message: Maildir, MH, etc..
> > 
> Okay, but I have doubt about any type of benefits relating to having
> either more file or a different storage format.
> This won't help much when we talk about problem searching thru my mail
> and resources hungry (for Thunderbird) actions.

Except for the network interface the storage is the slowest component in 
a typical computer and the mbox format is notoriously difficult to 

The "delete 100 messages on my mailing list inbox" you mentioned is 
barely noticeable with (neo)mutt using Maildir (probably with MH as 

Even doing this over IMAP could be faster because the server does the 
actual work.

(in any case, enabling the header cache is a must)

If you care about a (big) local searchable archive you might want to 
look at neomutt and it's notmuch integration.

Any folder with more than a few hundred messages should probably be 
converted to Maildir, unless it's used as an archive and rarely (if 
ever) changed. (neo)mutt can deal with different formats per folder.

They do however require more configuration / customization out of the 
box. The (neo)muttrc manpage is very useful and there is plenty of other 
documentation on the web to get you started.

Kind regards,

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