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Re: Moving dual boot Win10 & Debian 10 system from Legacy to UEFI

"Juan R. de Silva" <juan.r.d.silva@gmail.com> writes:

> There is a difference in suggested by your link approach and my 
> requirements. I have reasons to avoid re-installation of my existing 
> Windows 10. The suggested procedure based on fresh install of Windows 10 
> from from the media created by Microsoft Media Creation tool instead. 

No. Where does it say that? As I said, I intend to convert my system
using those instructions. To me that does not mean reinstalling stuff. I
don't need instructions for that.

> For the reasons I mentioned in my second post, I'm not sure any longer it 
> is worth for me to get engaged in this (unless for the sake of 
> experiment). As I said I can happily live with Windows 10 until the time 
> comes to replace my laptop with a new one.

I meant to comment but then decided no to bother. Anyways, my view on
that is that blind belief in some instances claims about supporting
stuff can usually be taken with a very large grain of salt. For example,
I have here an oldish Dell Latitude. It's not supported by recent
versions of Windows 10 any more but that doesn't mean anything. Current
version of Windows 10 still runs fine on it.

> BTW, my setup is in no way simpler than yours. My system is multi-boot: 
> Win10, Debian 10 (my primary OS), Ubuntu, and KDE Neon. I just omitted 
> not relevant details in my original post. :-)

Good to know. My comment was only meant to show optimism in that it's
possible to adapt instructions found on the internet to different

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