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Re: Moving dual boot Win10 & Debian 10 system from Legacy to UEFI

On Tue, 06 Jul 2021 22:17:22 +0300, Anssi Saari wrote:

> "Juan R. de Silva" <juan.r.d.silva@gmail.com> writes:
>> Do you guys think it is actually feasible? Anybody can suggest
>> something easier, smarter? It's a lot of work to do... :-(
> Why do you think this would be a problem? I intend to do this on my
> desktop system at some point. I thought I'd just get a new SSD and make
> that my boot drive and clone the partitions over but after a little
> googling it seems the conversion isn't that difficult.
> For example, these instructions cover the conversion of a Ubuntu +
> Windows 10 dual boot system:
> https://www.rojtberg.net/1032/converting-a-ubuntu-and-windows-dual-boot-
> My setup is a little more complicated since I have Debian and Arch in
> addition to Windows 10 but I don't expect major issues. Definitely
> taking an image of my boot SSD first though.

There is a difference in suggested by your link approach and my 
requirements. I have reasons to avoid re-installation of my existing 
Windows 10. The suggested procedure based on fresh install of Windows 10 
from from the media created by Microsoft Media Creation tool instead. 
Thus I would have to convert the existing Win10 install. This is the part 
in which I was not sure. 

Actually now I think that it is feasible and even shouldn't be 
exceedingly difficult. But it would be a time consuming, should be 
carefully planned.

For the reasons I mentioned in my second post, I'm not sure any longer it 
is worth for me to get engaged in this (unless for the sake of 
experiment). As I said I can happily live with Windows 10 until the time 
comes to replace my laptop with a new one.

BTW, my setup is in no way simpler than yours. My system is multi-boot: 
Win10, Debian 10 (my primary OS), Ubuntu, and KDE Neon. I just omitted 
not relevant details in my original post. :-)

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