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Re: Btrfs scrub going past 100%

Paul wrote: 
> I run regular btrfs scrubs through btrfsmaintenance on my disk array without
> issues. This time, though, the scrub percentage went over 100%. I kept it
> running so that I can file a bug if this is one.
> Which package do I file this against? I believe it's in the Linux kernel not
> btrfs-progs, but I thought I would ask since I'm new to this.
> UUID:             xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Scrub started:    Thu Jul  1 00:03:28 2021
> Status:           running
> Duration:         37:13:49
> Time left:        21358913:01:19
> ETA:              Mon Feb 11 06:18:36 4458
> Total to scrub:   29.08TiB
> Bytes scrubbed:   29.24TiB  (100.56%)
> Rate:             228.79MiB/s
> Error summary:    no errors found

Reported to the btrfs list last year, doesn't look like there's
any followup. Check out your time left calculation, too.


It is probably significant that over the last year, I see a fair
number of issues with crashes and unrecoverable data on the btrfs list.

On the ZFS list, most of the discussion is about optimal


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