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Re: Ibus info needed

On Wed 30 Jun 2021 at 17:36:29 (-0700), tony mollica wrote:
> Yes, that's the one.  Thanks, IL KA,  I went through it again
> and still the only thing I'm getting from the info is that Ibus
> handles different language inputs (characters) which isn't really
> needed if English is used and is pretty much already taken care of in
> Debian and other distributions regardless of Ibus.  But, it may be
> useful to me if I intended to generate my own alphabet with a
> proprietary character set or if I wanted to digitize my Dick Tracy
> Decoder Ring.  I'll remove it and see what happens.

I haven't looked at Ibus stuff since last year when there was a thread
concerning ligatures in Malayalam. But the impression I got was that,
whereas switching keyboard layout from, say, English to German in
the conventional manner changes the layout across the whole session
in every aspect, invoking Ibus in an application (typically with
Ctrl-Space) allows you to type in, say, Chinese, but only in that
application. You could still do some, say, admin work in an xterm
simultaneously, without finding you were typing in a Chinese layout.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong. (Posting the wrong answer is
sometimes the fastest way of causing someone who knows to post
the right answer.)

> I've been on and off this list since the mid-90's where being
> subscribed meant there were dozens of posts and replies in the time
> I've been subscribed today, which is about 3 hours.  Traffic appears
> to have fallen off, off-topic discussion, whatever that topic was
> advertised to be, appears to be, well, off-topic and more about
> behavior and language of the posters instead of valid questions and
> answers.

Bad timing, I'm afraid: you just hit a bump. It happens from time to
time, then they get bored and sometimes disappear altogether.

> Too bad, used to be a good problem solving source. Maybe it
> went elsewhere.

And it is now. I don't find it any less useful than it was in the 1990s.
And it's a relief that 50% more subscribers generate 20% of the traffic
compared with the early 2000s. I don't know whether that's down to
more channels, unpopularity of email, hiving off of all the DE stuff
to specialist forums, or just that Debian is a much maturer product.


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