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Re: Ownership and permissions on /run/user/601/doc ???


John Conover wrote:
> Peculiar ownership and permissions on /run/user/601/doc:
>    d?????????  ? ?    ?       ?            ? doc/

Are you already the user with id 601 ?
If not: Does it work better if you become that user ?

The web knows about problems of program df with /run/user/*/doc

My understanding is that a flatpack component named xdg-document-portal
creates such /run/user/*/doc directories as fuse mountpoints, which only
the owner of the mounted filesystem can inspect.

has the proposal to get rid of xdg-desktop-portal by executing:

  systemctl --user stop xdg-document-portal.service


Ubuntu's proposal for a solution for df is to add "devtmpfs", "fuse.portal",
and "squashfs" to a list of dummy filesystems in gnulib.
would hopefully apply to our

This does not fix the acessability of the directory, but only hides it
from df's enumeration of mount points.
So i'd say that Ubuntu regards the problem as annoying but not as indication
of a serious filesystem problem.

Have a nice day :)


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