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Re: Disk problem whilst attempting to install Buster (10.7)

On Tue, 2021-01-26 at 09:31 +0200, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> On Lu, 25 ian 21, 18:12:18, Peter Hillier-Brook wrote
> > 
> > Hello Dan,  I've been using Bullseye for several months, but thought I'd
> > better stay with Buster as this m/c was bought for a naive friend. It
> > now looks as if Bullseye is the better bet so I'll give it a go tomorrow.
> The freeze for bullseye has already started, so the usual warnings are 
> against using testing are relaxed.
> https://release.debian.org/bullseye/freeze_policy.html
> There will still be many updates until the release, but generally only 
> minor and/or Debian only versions, to fix release critical bugs.

But note that security fixes may be slow. I'm using Bullseye and the
last security update to Firefox on Jan 8th took 9 days to migrate from
unstable to testing. Thought I'd mention this, because Peter says the
machine is being setup for a 'naive friend' so that would imply relying
on getting security fixes promptly and without manual intervention.

In my case, I saw the security announcement so installed Firefox
manually from unstable, but unknown to me at the time, one of the
updated dependences had a critical bug that broke several other
programs in obscure ways.


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