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Re: installing debian 10 without a cd and without usb but could use ethernet

Dan Hitt composed on 2021-01-21 13:06 (UTC-0800):

> ...i only have access to
> the bios with great difficulty.   If i could get into the bios, i could
> change the boot order, and possibly boot from usb.  However, it is very
> difficult to interrupt the boot process successfully (by pressing F2),
> because it is so fast....
I cannot recall having been in a BIOS where there was not a fast boot option
enabled by default. To set yours off, boot with no bootable devices available and
you should get a chance to get into the BIOS if it doesn't automatically present.
If that doesn't work either, do a mechanical BIOS reset. All BIOS I've encountered
will present an opportunity to enter when the clock is not set.
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