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Re: installing debian 10 without a cd and without usb but could use ethernet

On Mi, 20 ian 21, 20:31:53, Dan Hitt wrote:
> I have a machine that currently has linux mint 16.04 on it.
> I would like to install debian 10 on it, but the installer really wants
> access to a cd drive, and one just isn't available.

Any kind of medium that can be used by your motherboard to boot should 
work (e.g. a spare SATA drive), same as you would be using a USB stick 
(including loosing all data when copying the .iso to it).

If using the 'mini.iso' in the 'netboot' category you can even install 
to the same drive (the other images don't allow repartitioning of the 
drive (partition?) they are on).

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