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Re: installing debian 10 without a cd and without usb but could use ethernet

On Mi, 20 ian 21, 20:31:53, Dan Hitt wrote:
> Or perhaps there's some other way to approach the problem?  For example,
> i've already created a partition to hold the debian system i want to put on
> the machine.  Is there some way of hand-populating it?

Yes, either debootstrap (used also by the Debian Installer) or 
mmdebstrap can create a "blank" Debian installation.

Please mind that it will need additional configuration in order to make 
it work, including but not limited to creating users, setting up your 
fstab (in case you more partitions), etc. that are normally done by the

> I do have a running
> debian 10 system on another machine, and i suppose i could tar it up and
> unpack it into the new partition on the mint machine.

Cloning another installation presents its own challenges, as you might 
end with stuff duplicated that should be unique for each system (unless 
you really know what you are doing).

It's probably easier to just let debootstrap/mmdebstrap take care of the 
bulk installation and use the other Debian installation only as a source 
of configuration files.

> But i'm not sure if
> there's something outside the filesystem but inside the partition which is
> necessary for it to be bootable.

It depends.

With GRUB on traditional BIOS (non-UEFI) systems there are several 
approaches possible, depending on which (if any) is your "primary" 
system (i.e. the one that provides/controls the boot loader).

More details are needed here to provide useful recommendations.

Kind regards,

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