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Re: Permissions on NFS mounts

Paul M Foster wrote: 
> I have two users on the client: paulf 1000 and nancyf 1001. On the
> server, I have two users: pi 1000 and paulf 1001. I can mount the NFS
> share from the server to /mnt on my client. But any files belonging to
> me (user 1001 on the server) look like they belong to nancy (user 1001
> on the client. More importantly, if I copy files to this share from the
> client, they will look like they belong to pi (user 1000) on the server.
> Is there some way in the /etc/exports file to adjust the parameters so
> that files retain my ownership on the server?

You're looking for userid mapping, handled by idmapd.

Your best long-term solution is to make the userids consistent
across machines by making a decision about who will be 1000, 
1001 and 1002, and then changing /etc/passwd and running
suitable "chown -R" commands, probably followed by find

Debian automatically starts user numbering at 1000, so it's a
good idea to have a consistent install username, if you can
arrange it.


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