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Re: running microsoft team on debian 10.3

Le 09/12/2020 à 04:37, Dan Hitt a écrit :
One of the local government agencies that i would like to interact with communicates using Microsoft Team.  The software actually has a debian package, which i have downloaded, but not installed yet.

I have a computer running debian 10.3, but it does not have a web cam or a mic.

So presumably i need to set up both of those items to make this work.

Does anybody have any experience using Microsoft Team on debian, and is there anything i need to be cautious about (of course apart from running software from a giant software company)?

Any advice about the web cam or mic?

TIA for any pointers.


I must use it at work. I kinds of work (on testing)
Very bad integration with pulseaudio, you can choose the device in the soft, but it does not have any effect, keep a pavucontrol at hand. I did not succeed in making it ring on the sound device of my choice, it always defaukt to what was the default sound device at the time teams was started (and of this I am not completely sure).

Very bad interaction with window manager also (I use KDE), it comes with its own buttons bar(and you must gess what a square or an horizontal line do), which lacks some controls (eg change desktop). I had to resort to a kwinrule to force the standard controls.

I still ask for documentation since interface is for me completely illogical. Note that the MS .deb installs a new source in your apt system, then you have 2 packages teams and teams-insiders the latter being somekind of testing version of teams (but sometimes, they are the same version of the product)

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