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Re: running microsoft team on debian 10.3

On 9/12/20 12:51 pm, Doug McGarrett wrote:
Try this:
The camera is called Fogéek and Amazon sold it to me for $49.95. Specs from the box it came in are as follows:
Image sensor :                  CMOS
Pixel :                                 5 Million
Maximum Resolution :    2592*1944
Frame rate:                        30fps
Port                                     USB2.0

If I could send you a picture, I would. It is very clear, no visible pixels, did not require a bright light, and the audio pickup is very clear and audible without shouting at it or anything. And I don't work for Amazon or
the Chinese people who made the camera.

You have to be a bit careful with high resolution cameras using USB-2. Unless they have an integral H.264 encoder there isn't enough bandwidth on USB-2 to run full resolution at full frame-rate.

This problem exists at least in some microsoft branded cameras that offer high specs until you read the fine print.

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