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Re: SanDisk USB stick problem

On Tue 08 Dec 2020 at 17:55:41 (-0500), Stefan Monnier wrote:
> >> If you never complain&return those products broken-by-design, the
> >> companies will keep bringing them to the market.
> > Yes, but choose your battles.
> Agreed.  I was just proposing it in to remind people that there is such
> a choice.
> > In this case the retailer would chuck it in the bin and ask for another
> > one from the manufacturer, who would supply it without question.
> But retailers do keep track of returns and tend to prefer ordering those
> products which don't get returned.  It can also be an opportunity to
> bring up the existence of "something else than Windows".
> E.g. when I last bought a webcam, I was fairly confident that it would
> use the UVC protocol and work fine with my Debian machine, but I still
> specifically asked the seller if it would work on GNU/Linux (which was
> not stated on the box), not because I cared about the answer but as
> a way to remind them that there are customers who care about that.

I don't see the connection. If the shop guaranteed that it used one
protocol and it didn't, then sure, you could take it back to the shop
and, in the UK at least, you'd typically get your refund, under
Fitness for Purpose. (I don't trust US laws to any great extent—is
there anything like a Sale of Goods Act?)

The OP's case is more like your buying, say, a kitchen pot that comes
with a complimentary bottle of cook-in sauce. Unfortunately the sauce
contains animal fat and you're a vegan. Too bad. You can't return the
pot on that account.


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