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Re: Proprietary drivers management

Dan Ritter wrote:
> Victor Sudakov wrote: 
> > Hope it's OK to ask an Ubuntu-related question here, after all
> > Ubuntu is Debian architecturally, isn't it?
> Mostly, but Ubuntu changes whatever parts they like. Answers we
> give are not dependable for Ubuntu, unless someone specifically
> says "I also know this is true for Ubuntu".
> > 3. What is a "driver" after all in Linux terms? A kernel module, an
> > Xserver loadable module? How do you "install a driver"? (in FreeBSD you
> > either enable/load a kernel module, or make something like
> > xorg/modules/drivers/intel_drv.so available to the Xserver).
> For an X11 graphics thing, it's often a combination of:
> - kernel mode setting support module (.deb)
> - firmware blob .deb
> - xserver-org-video-HARDWARE.deb
> - GLX lib backend (.deb)
> - special libs and helper utils

I see. In FreeBSD they just put all the stuff into one package, like 
/usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver-390/ containing everything from kernel
modules to helper utils.

> nvidia-driver/stable 418.152.00-1 amd64
>   NVIDIA metapackage

Do you mean that if I install the metapackage:
`apt install nvidia-driver-390`
this should be sufficient? No GUI tweaking?

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