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Re: Proprietary drivers management

Victor Sudakov wrote: 
> Hope it's OK to ask an Ubuntu-related question here, after all
> Ubuntu is Debian architecturally, isn't it?

Mostly, but Ubuntu changes whatever parts they like. Answers we
give are not dependable for Ubuntu, unless someone specifically
says "I also know this is true for Ubuntu".

> 3. What is a "driver" after all in Linux terms? A kernel module, an
> Xserver loadable module? How do you "install a driver"? (in FreeBSD you
> either enable/load a kernel module, or make something like
> xorg/modules/drivers/intel_drv.so available to the Xserver).

For an X11 graphics thing, it's often a combination of:

- kernel mode setting support module (.deb)
- firmware blob .deb
- xserver-org-video-HARDWARE.deb
- GLX lib backend (.deb)
- special libs and helper utils

$ apt search nvidia-kernel
libcuda1/stable 418.152.00-1 amd64
  NVIDIA CUDA Driver Library

nvidia-driver/stable 418.152.00-1 amd64
  NVIDIA metapackage

nvidia-kernel-common/stable 20151021+9 amd64
  NVIDIA binary kernel module support files

nvidia-kernel-dkms/stable 418.152.00-1 amd64
  NVIDIA binary kernel module DKMS source

nvidia-kernel-source/stable 418.152.00-1 amd64
  NVIDIA binary kernel module source

nvidia-kernel-support/stable 418.152.00-1 amd64
  NVIDIA binary kernel module support files

nvidia-vdpau-driver/stable 418.152.00-1 amd64
  Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix - NVIDIA driver

xserver-xorg-video-nvidia/stable 418.152.00-1 amd64
  NVIDIA binary Xorg driver


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