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Re: Problem with Xserver

Klaus Jantzen wrote: 
> Hi,
> yesterday I encountered a problem with using the console with zsh.
> In the internet I found a "solution": modify 'allowed_users' in
> /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config.
> I made the change and that was it.
> Now the autlogin does not work anymore. Instead the normal login screen is
> shown. But the login as the normal user results in
> a short blank screen and a new login screen is shown (obviously the system
> does not like me anymore); i.e. I cannot log in as user.
> I can log in as root and can do whatever I want there.
> I am using Debian Buster AMD64 (updated weekly), XFCE4 desktop with lightdm.
> Does anybody have a suggestion on how to solve this problem?

Obviously, some users are not allowed_users. 

man Xwrapper.config says:

    allowed_users = rootonly|console|anybody

    Specify  which  users may start the X server
    through the wrapper. Use rootonly to only allow root, use console to
    only allow users logged into a physical console, and use anybody to
    allow anybody.  The default is console.

Have you set it to "anybody"?


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