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Optimizing a server running Wordpress

Hey guys,

I’m working on a website for my company (it’s a small Free Software company in France, mainly catering to visually-impaired computer users), and I need some help setting up a Varnish server and tweaking it to get along with Wordpress. (On a Debian VPS with Apache.)

I have very little experience with reverse proxies and caching, so this is getting a little too involved for me; from what I gather apart from getting it to work at all (which I haven’t even managed so far), there are some further optimizations required (for example, you don’t want to cache backoffice pages, and if you’re using any analytics tools then you need additional fine-tuning to make them play well with Varnish).

That being said, I’m hoping that would bring a noticeable performance gain with regard to PageSpeed and other indicators (therefore, more SEO ranking bonanza), which at the moment remain disappointingly average in spite of our best efforts (server-side compression, CSS and JS inlining, SVG images, as little Wordpress plugins and overrides as possible)…

Would anyone be available for consulting with us (yours truly and my company’s other tech guys) for a little while? (I’m thinking half a day, a day or two tops.) We’d be happy to hire a fellow Debian power user provided you’re familiar enough with both Wordpress and Varnish (not to mention Apache, but the less said about it the better

Best Regards,

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
Debian Developer non uploading
Community team member
Accessibility team member
debian-l10n-french team member
President of Debian France non-profit organization

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