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Re: Advice on hardware server to use for small a dedicated data center

On Du, 28 iun 20, 12:37:14, echo test wrote:
> Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, are you saying that Debian  cannot scale in
> a bigger enterprise ?

Debian can certainly scale from Raspberry Pis to supercomputers.

The issue is more of support:

1. Debian itself doesn't offer support beyond security updates for its 
packages and this list.

You either do it yourself or you hire a third-party (see 

2. Hardware vendors don't certify their products with Debian (there is 
no incentive to do so). This matters if you want / must use specialized 
products like RAID controllers, e.g. the vendor may refuse replacing 
defective hardware unless you can prove it's not working on certified 
OSs. I've heard of organizations keeping another OS around just for this 
(similar tactic with Windows on desktops and laptops)

At least Lenovo has shown some interest in cooperating with Debian (see 
the link about the ARM server I posted, as well as this thread on 


> Can you tell me what happened with hardware RAID solutions?
> > small" could be anything from 10 to 1000 users. Mentioning some numbers
> > could get you more useful recommendations.
> > In any case, some interesting hardware not mentioned so far (don't
> > forget about the power consumption).
> Small here is for me about 2000 users all are restaurants that save their
> selling history locally on their own server then 2 or 3 times in the
> morning they will rsync their postgres data on my data center.
> About the power consumption, any advice about some low power hardware are
> also welcome.

I already posted some.
>  Why do you dislike systemd ? I heard many people saying the same
> thing and I don't really understand what are their motivation except initd
> is less invasive.

Better not re-open this discussion. I will just say that Debian has 
basically decided it will use systemd for now.

Kind regards,

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