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Re: Advice on hardware server to use for small a dedicated data center

Reco wrote: 
> 	Hi.
> On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 08:34:07PM +0200, echo test wrote:
> > So, I want to know if It's a good idea to try using Debian in an enterprise
> > context, with hardwares like Dell EMC PowerEdge or Lenovo ThinkCenter which
> > seems to never mention that they support Debian.
> I'll be original here. Try SunFire X-series (aka SunServer X). Somewhat
> costly, and the hardware quality is a hit or miss in newer models, but
> runs Debian stable like it was designed for it.
> > Note: I will need some RAID solution hard or soft.
> Anything that's made by LSI if you need a hardware RAID controller.
> Mdraid if whatever they sold you is not made by LSI.

Counterpoint: mdadm on LSI controllers flashed to "IT" mode,
i.e. just give all the disks to mdadm.

LSI controllers are fast but have a ridiculous control


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