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Re: Advice on hardware server to use for small a dedicated data center

I can only share what I did when taking similar decision

echo test wrote:

> So, I want to know if It's a good idea to try using Debian in an
> enterprise context, with hardwares like Dell EMC PowerEdge or Lenovo
> ThinkCenter which seems to never mention that they support Debian. What
> kind of issues can I encounter with such hardwares except simple cases
> like having to install missing drivers with some already available
> firmwares.

I decided to not spend money on server hardware (data volume and load are
really minimal), because this hardware is 
a) more expensive than desktop hardware
b) it consumes more power (costs more)

Of course it depends on your use case - you mention webapp server - this
a) at least enough broadband - and I mean professional quality (up/down)
b) also probably you need a backup line - good to check when ordering
c) calculate load/capacity and compare cost between desktop and server

> Can you give me some alternative hardwares in case this idea may take me
> to much time to solve ?

When you answer the questions above and probably other questions that pop up
you will have found the answer here.

> Note: I will need some RAID solution hard or soft.

I use LSI cards on ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 with 3.4GHz CPU and 32GB RAM. Problem
is these LSI cards are 3Gbps with WD RED, which is sufficient for me, but
if it were to serve 1000 web requests per minute, I believe it would die.
There are faster cards on the market recently, but the point is you need
definitely two (for redundancy). Think always about redundancy. I would buy
also 2 servers and make a plan regarding disaster recovery. I have RAID1
and RAID6 in use. 
What is better for you, you decide alone. Good Servers cost around 2-3K -
make it double(for redundancy), rack, pdus, ups, air conditioning, switch
and firewall belongs in the basket - 10K to start with at pro level.
All depends on the numbers. My solution cost 3.8K in 2012 - and it is not
the pro one - but never regret it.

Alternatively you can consider renting a server or server space for your own
hardware in professional data center - could be better option (will save
you the troubles with the power supply and air conditioning) - again
depends on costs and calculations.

Another alternative would be to buy second hand - but again buy redundant.

As for pro hardware, I had good experience with HP DL360 and 380 and
PowerEdge (different models).
I think all of them are good.

I hope it helps - regards

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