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Re: Sound in Jitsi/BBB [was: dvice on encrypted filesystem]

tomas@tuxteam.de (12020-06-25):
> You don't use Pulseaudio? Current Firefoxen have ALSA enabled for Debian,
> but their ALSA support seems to have fallen prey to bitrot. I didn't
> manage to get them working.
> If you insist in not having Pulse (I do), there's apulse (the package
> is named likewise, I think). It plays LD_PRELOAD tricks to trick FF
> into believing it's talking to Pulseaudio. I had success with that.

I use apulse, and Firefox is capable of producing sound on some sites (I
do not know why I bother to get it working: I do NOT want my web browser
to produce sound!). The microphone is the issue.


  Nicolas George

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