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Re: Newbie

On Thu, 25 Jun 2020 Weaver wrote:
On 26-06-2020 07:26, Arun Mathai wrote:
Hello Guys,

I am a total newbie for debian.

I have some technical difficulties and questions that i want to ask.

Could anyone please tell me how to proceed.

[Begins evaluating OP against checklist below]

First, make your subject line in the email descriptively relevant to
your problem.


Do not put all your problems into one email,


but if you do have separate issues, make an email to the list
specific to each one.

So far so good.

Describe what attempts you have taken to solve them yourself

Not applicable. (Original Post *is* that attempt.)

Describe the problem you have as concisely as you can.


OP is a natural!

What do you want to take off? [hrzF or ?*] F
You were wearing a +0 robe.  The frost giant turns to flee.

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