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[OT] Regular DKIM issues on this ML (was: Re: why !oh why Debian and application list)


My email below got a DKIM issue. This is not the first time for me on this ML so I'm trying to debug the situation with my email provider.

Does someone on this list mind forwarding to me (as an attachment please, not inline) his/her own specimen of my original email below please? I need headers+body, this will help the investigations.

NB: Please ignore this message if you are a Tutanota subscriber.

Thank you in advance & Best regards :)

7 Jun 2020 19:37 from l0f4r0@tuta.io:

> Hi,
> 7 juin 2020 à 19:23 de notoneofmyseeds@gmx.de:
>> I just installed Picard, and it does not show up in Sound and Video,
>> where logic would suggest it be.
> >From my side, Picard appears under Multimedia>MusicBrainz Picard.
> Here is the related desktop file (org.musicbrainz.Picard.desktop):
> [Desktop Entry]
> Name=MusicBrainz Picard
> Comment=Tag your music with the next generation MusicBrainz tagger
> Exec=picard %F
> Terminal=false
> Type=Application
> StartupNotify=true
> StartupWMClass=MusicBrainz-Picard
> Icon=org.musicbrainz.Picard
> Categories=AudioVideo;Audio;AudioVideoEditing;
> MimeType=audio/x-mp3;audio/ogg;audio/mpeg;application/ogg;audio/x-flac;audio/x-flac+ogg;audio/x-vorbis+ogg;audio/x-speex+ogg;audio/x-oggflac;audio/x-musepack;audio/x-tta;audio/x-ms-wma;audio/x-wavpack;
> Best regards,
> l0f4r0

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