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Re: KDE run Dolphin as root?

On Ma, 09 iun 20, 17:55:07, Default User wrote:
> Well, when I did an alternate Buster Stable install on a spare drive,
> I was surprised (not happily) that when running from that setup,
> various programs demand the root password, and will not accept the
> user password.  So, now I have to remember not one, but two "good"
> passwords.  And try to determine which one is being asked for.  And
> re-remember both every time they are changed.
> I am guessing this has to do with a change made for Buster.  Perhaps
> it is a "security thing".
> Maybe I am lazy, but I quite prefer to only have to remember and use
> one password.  And this feels like another step backward to me.
> Oh, well . . .  I guess it's for my own good.  After all, I'm sure
> Debian developers know what is best for me, better than I do.  After
> all, these are the same people who actually thought systemd was a good
> idea.  And shouted down those who didn't.

You are making some claims above without providing even one example.

There might be simple explanations and / or solutions for what you 

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