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Re: Issue with disabling Intel turbo boost via systemd


7 juin 2020 à 10:21 de recoverym4n@enotuniq.net:

> No, you're supposed to add this line:
> devices/system/cpu/intel_pstate/no_turbo = 1
> Leading "/sys" is always omitted in sysfsutils.
>> Or maybe via a specific file in /etc/sysfs.d/ instead (I presume this directory is setup so changes are not overwritten during an upgrade)?
> Whatever suits you. End result will be the same.
Thanks Reco, I've created a (644) /etc/sysfs.d/intel_pstate_no_turbo.conf file with the appropriate command and then did a "systemctl reload-or-restart sysfsutils.service".

* Maybe a "systemctl reload-or-restart sysfsconf.service" would have been sufficient?

* We'll see now if it's more persistent than the systemd method. Could it be related to suspend mode? I put my laptop multiple times a day in suspend mode, I don't know if it affects /sys...

Thanks & Best regards,

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