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Re: Issue with disabling Intel turbo boost via systemd

Hi Joe,

7 juin 2020 à 01:31 de pfeiffer@cs.nmsu.edu:

> Lucky you!  My laptop just went ahead and went into thermal shutdown
> before the system noticed it was getting hot.
Ow! Frustrating...
Frequently? What computer/model do you have?

> This doesn't directly address your questions involving controlling turbo
> boost with the OS, but I was able to disable it in the UEFI.
You disabled Turbo boost explicitely in your UEFI?
The last time I checked, my UEFI only mentions Hyper Threading, not Turbo boost (deactivating HT didn't help me)...

The most confusing part for me is that I haven't managed so far to confirm manually (via sensors) that CPU temperatures are indeed sometimes too high so CPU clock needs to be throttled. Even when I'm stressing my CPU, I don't get these warning/4 systematically...

I see 3 situations:

* The warnings are not legitimate, my kernel is mistaken about the right temperatures because of a bug/bad setting (it would be unfortunate because it would limit/throttle my CPU for no reason)

* CPU temperatures are indeed too high so as you said I'm lucky my kernel detects this  so my laptop does not go down. However, I'm very surprised because my laptop is brand new (at least it was 1 year ago when I started receiving these kernel alerts) so cooling features should still be efficient (I don't feel my computer is really hot on my lap) otherwise we could probably say there is a mistake with its conception in Lenovo engineering laboratory...

* CPU temperatures are indeed too high but it's perfectly normal, sometimes CPU is too much stressed so the it should be dealt with. It is loggued but I should not pay too much attention to that (I remember an article stating: "Don't start checking the kernel ring buffer, you are looking for problems ahead...")
NB: with my previous kernel (stable one, not backported), those CPU issues were considered as crit/2. Now they are warning/4. Maybe later at this pace, they will be demoted to notice/5 or info/6... ^^

Thank you in advance & Best regards,

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