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Buster: network takes long pauses

So, for the last couple of weeks (maybe a bit more, I haven't been tracking)
my Buster system (Intel NUC i5, 8gb RAM) will choke off network connections for
between a second and several minutes. Streams and downloads and page loads
pause or drop to absurdly low submodem speeds.

I have been mentally blaming my cable internet service all this time, but in
the last couple of days, I've noticed that if I switch to my terrible el cheapo
Android phone (on the same wifi) it works normally, without interruption.
It's the PC. 

Any suggestions on debugging/fixing?

Carl Fink                                                  carl@finknetwork.com 
https://reasonablyliterate.com                           https://nitpicking.com 
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	-Kenne Estes

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