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Re: OT: Using a USB hub with 3 computers, 1 printer, 1 external drive (for backup for any of the three PCs)

On Fri, Jun 05, 2020 at 09:52:34AM -0500, Leslie Rhorer wrote:
> 	As already mentioned, this simply will not work.

As already mentioned in this thread, this isn't strictly true.
There is USB "on the go" (aka OTG [1]); this has even a protocol
to switch masters. That makes sense for mobile devices, which
have to play slave when being attached to a computer (sync and
things) and have to play master when stuffing a storage stick
into them.

But at any time there can only be one master on an USB tree.

And the hardware has to play along.

>       Why are you
> wanting to employ USB  Ethernet / TCPIP is the way to go.  Make the
> external drive a NAS, and you are good to go.  Many NAS systems
> support printer sharing, or you can roll your own.

USB is no replacement for networking, no.

-- tomás

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