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Re: Buster install with UEFI boot not working

Hi Kashif,

Kashif wrote:
>I am trying to install a buster through PXE netbooting using UEFI boot.
>The currents setup  works for BIOS correctly.
>I changed dhcpd config file using 'option arch' to point to correct
>filename and that bit is working as when booting with PXE, the server
>manages to download grubx64.efi.
>The last message, I am getting is "NBP file downloaded successfully" and
>then nothing happens. I can see from syslogs of provisioning server that it
>also served grub.cfg file etc.
>Google gives me conflicting results.  I have two main question:
>1. Should I use grubx64.efi or bootnetx64.efi for UEFI PXE boot?

I would say that the better option is to use bootnetx64.efi - that is
a copy of shim, which should then load grubx64.efi and its config and
go from there. For local testing my DHCP server has the following

host sledge {
  hardware ethernet d0:50:99:60:3b:fb;
  fixed-address sledge.einval.org;
  if option arch = 00:07 {
      filename "debian-installer/amd64/bootnetx64.efi";
  } else {
      filename "pxelinux.0";

where debian-installer is a copy of Buster's netboot files on the tftp
server. That works fine for me. If you're having problems, check that
the client is attempting to download the correct files from the TFTP
server. That's the most common problem in my experience, and Debian
used to have a problem here when we added SB support until I fixed it.

>2. Do  I have to change default grub.conf file in
>debian-installer/amd64/grub/grub.cfg. There are suggestions  to use
>linuxefi and initrdefi instead of linux and initrd in grub.cfg .

Not at all, no. The default grub config should work just fine.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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