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Re: Return a Debian system to a pristine state

Marco Möller wrote:
> > In the fairly large number of posts in this thread I don't recall seeing
> > file system snapshots suggested. My current preference is ZFS, which I
> > know from experience to be up to what I understand to be the goal here.
> (...)
> I understand the OP to be in search for the uncomplicated removal of 
> installed packages considering package installation dates.
> A fs snaphot tool is likely to return to a general system state which 
> would include also the return of the user data and system configurations 
> to a point of time in the past, instead of only treating package 
> installs. And if having to prepare sophisticated steps like requiring 
> special partitioning schemes, then this wouldn't be uncomplicated anymore.

Agreed, but at risk of going a bit off track, I didn't find this to be
a problem in practice on ZFS native systems like SmartOS. Separate
volume on /usr/pkg, snapshot, done. Of course the situation in Debian
is a bit different.


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